cheshire tails dog daycare
At Cheshire Tails' daycare centre we have a large indoor area & a mud free outside space for your canine friends to play, socialise & RELAX. We also have a chill out area for dogs that prefer a bit of peace & quiet. Also an excellent place to socialise your puppy.
cheshire tails dog daycare
Here is our playroom that is equipped with toys for your pooch to play or comfy beds for them to just sit & nosy whats going on around them. We also have music playing so make sure you tell us their favourite tune!
This room has double doors leading out onto the garden area. Full central heating and Air conditioned.
cheshire tails dog daycare
chill out room
Our cosy chill out room is designed for older dogs or those who just want a rest away from all the fun. They can relax on one of our comfy sofas or beds. they truly feel at home in here.
cheshire tails dog daycare
cheshire tails dog daycare
Our garden area is completely mud free with sand pit areas & artificial turf. There is a variety of toys, obstacles & activities to keep your dogs entertained. In the summer there will be paddling pools & sun loungers for those who love to catch some sun. Beats being stuck indoors any day!

Who can come?

  • Must be friendly to all other dogs and people

  • mALES Must be neutered 

  • Must be up to date with vaccinations

All dogs that want to join our team will have a free induction to assess how they would get along with the group. This is to ensure the safety of our staff & other members.

Why not contact us for a visit to come and meet our staff & have a look around our centre.

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